The Philippines air force is seeking bids from aircraft maintenance and modification firms interested in upgrading its fleet of Rockwell OV-10C Bronco counter insurgency aircraft.

The air force plans to embark on a service life extension programme that will cover about 25 of its ageing Broncos. Eight newer-model OV-10s acquired from Thailand over the past year will not be upgraded.

Improvements to the OV-10 fleet are part of an effort by the air force to bolster its capabilities without having to launch major acquisitions at a time of severe budgetary constraint.

The service also last month took delivery of one additional used GAF N22 Nomad maritime patrol aircraft and one secondhand SIA-Marchetti SF260 trainer.

Over the past year it has also reactivated 16 aircraft from its existing inventory, including a number of Broncos, SF260s, Bell UH-1H Huey utility and MD Helicopters MD520 combat helicopters.

Source: Flight International