THE PHILIPPINES PLANS to re-open the former US Air Force Clark AB to 24h commercial traffic in June, following completion of restoration work and the installation of new approach aids.

Clark is being upgraded for Category I operations, with the installation of a new instrument-landing system (ILS) and replacement centreline lights for one of its two 3,200m (10,500ft)-long runways.

The USAF abandoned, the 4,400Ha (10,900 acre) air base in 1991, after it was devastated by the volcanic eruption of nearby, Mount Pinatubo. The Clark Development Corporation has since taken over and is trying to mirror the success of the former Subic Bay naval base by attracting foreign investors.

A master plan is being drawn up, to develop Clark into Manila's second international airport by 2002. Work will include the addition of a third 4,000m runway for independent simultaneous operations, a 600Ha aviation industrial park and a high-speed rail link with Manila, 80km (50 miles) to the south.

Source: Flight International