Rolls-Royce has carried out the initial run of a demonstrator Trent 7000 engine, the powerplant which will be fitted to the Airbus A330neo.

The aero engine manufacturer says the powerplant “successfully completed” its first run on a testbed at the company’s Derby headquarters.

It will be the exclusive engine for the A330-800neo and -900neo family, with a thrust rating of 68-72,000lb (302-320kN).

The engine is a successor to the Trent 700 for the current A330 line, but will feature architecture from the Trent 1000-TEN – built for the Boeing 787 – and technology from the Trent XWB for the A350.

Airbus is aiming to put the A330neo into service in late 2017.

Trent 7000

Source: Cirium Dashboard