Israel's Aeronautics Defense Systems has test flown a half-scale model of its Picador unmanned rotorcraft and expects to receive approval from the nation's civil aviation authority to fly a full-scale technology demonstrator by year-end.

The Picador is based on the Dynali H2S kit helicopter, with Aeronautics having acquired a major stake in the Belgian firm.

The full-sized H2S is 6.58m (21.6ft) long, 2.58m high and has a width of 2m. It is powered by a Subaru EJ25 2,500cc engine, has a climb rate of 1,200ft/min (6.09m/s) and a service ceiling of 12,000ft. Cruise speed is cited as 110kt (203km/h) and range 200km (108nm).

Aeronautics president Avi Leumi says the Picador will have a maximum take-off weight of 720kg (1,590lb) and an endurance of up to 8h.

Aeronautics Defense Systems Picador UAV 
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Source: Flight International