Air Vanuatu has received its first ATR 72 and plans to use it on short-haul international routes.

ATR says Air Vanuatu has taken delivery of an ATR 72-500 and plans to make use of its 120min extended range twin-engine operation (ETOPS) capability to link Vanuatu with other island nations such as New Caledonia and Fiji.

Air Vanuatu already operates an ATR 42-300 but this is its first ATR 72.

 © Air Vanuatu

The airline's acting CEO, Joseph Laloyer, says: "With the introduction of our new ATR 72-500 we will be able to provide much-needed extra capacity on our domestic trunk routes and to enhance our network in the southwest Pacific."

ATR CEO, Stephane Mayer, says: "With the arrival of this new aircraft", there are now "28 ATR 72-500s flying in the south Pacific and this provides good opportunities for increasing cooperation in aircraft operations and maintenance activities across the region".

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news