Airbus has had a re-think on its flightdeck choice for the A350 long range twin adopting common architecture and systems with the A380.

The Airbus A350, which was to be equipped with an improved version of the existing A330/A340 family flightdeck, will now incorporate a replica of the A380's 10-screen layout (pictured below). This gives the new twinjet's cockpit an identical look to its big sister with the exception of engine-related items such as thrust levers and indicators.  Despite the switch, Airbus says the A350 will retain the same type rating as the A330 family. 

Airbus A350 cockpit W445
© Airbus / Passion Graphic

Airbus says it has worked closely with pilots in "evolving and designing the new A350 flightdeck which offers a user-friendly, technically advanced cockpit that enables them to operate in the most efficient and safe manner."

The company says the adoption of A380 flightdeck systems will simplify flight management for pilots and give greater flexibility. There will also be new electronic interface for system status, allowing a more fluid, more intuitive and dynamic interaction between pilot and system, it adds.

Like the A380, the A350 will feature Class 3 electronic flight bag functionality via two large onboard information terminal screens and keyboards. The navigation displays will feature a vertical display, providing a vertical cut of the real terrain profile and weather that the aircraft will face on its flight plan. 

Source: Flight International