Airbus has agreed a revised rear galley layout for the A350 XWB after some customers had expressed their displeasure at the arrangement presented last year.

The galley layout was the one part of the A350 design not finalised when the detailed definition freeze - dubbed 'maturity gate 5' - was reached last December.

A350 programme head Didier Evrard says: "We'd proposed a 'D-shaped' galley but some customers had concerns about the amount of workspace and turnaround time."

The revised arrangement was unveiled at the last A350 programme progress review, held in Hamburg in April, and met with the approval of customers, says Evrard.

Airbus' new design "is more of a 'V-shape'," he explains. "It has the number of chilled trolleys that customers want and they are happier with the serviceability."

 A350 new galley
 © Airbus

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news