Bosnia's army has temporarily grounded its fleet of Mil Mi-8/17 transport helicopters after one of its aircraft crashed while delivering relief supplies to the snow-affected village of Bukvica, near Kalinovik on 10 February.

The Mi-8MTV-1 crash-landed in an open field covered with thick snow and was damaged beyond repair. However, none of the 11 passengers and crew on board, including two journalists from local broadcaster Federalna, were injured.

 Bosnian Mi-8 crash - Federalna

© Federalna

The Bosnia and Herzegovina defence ministry cited local weather conditions as contributing to the accident, although video footage immediately before the crash shows the aircraft enter a spin while manoeuvring only feet above the ground. This has prompted speculation of a problem with the aircraft's tail rotor.

Operations with the army's remaining Mi-8/17s were suspended on 11 February pending the outcome of a formal investigation.

The destroyed aircraft was assigned to the 2nd Helicopter Sqn at Rajlovac air base, near Sarajevo.

Source: Flight International