Diamond Aircraft's product line grew at AirVenture in Oshkosh with the unveiling of the DA50 SuperStar.

The five-seat, 350hp (260kW) full-authority digital engine control turbo-charged aircraft fits a "sweet spot" in the market says Heike Larson, Diamond vice-president for sales and marketing. "It provides a step-up plane for current DA40 owners, and is a great plane for anybody who wants more space, luxury and performance."

Luxury is emphasised, with a three-seat back bench, a 132cm (52in)-wide cabin, air conditioning based on an automobile system and an optional rear seat entertainment system.

A Garmin G1000 avionics package is standard, along with built-in oxygen, optional TKS ice protection and airframe parachute system. The new aircraft cruises above 200kt (370km/h).

President Peter Maurer says: "The DA50 is another path-breaking aircraft - introducing a turbine-like three-screen glass cockpit as well as factory-equipped high performance FADEC turbo technology - and bringing to market the first new-technology aircraft with more than four seats."

In December, Diamond announced a reservation programme for the SuperStar, whereby customers place a $15,000 refundable deposit to reserve a position, which is convertible to a purchase agreement 12 months before delivery, or following US Federal Aviation Administration/Transport Canada certification, whichever comes first.

Current customers and those taking delivery of a new Diamond by 30 September will be eligible for up to 50 loyalty priority positions.

The DA50 is powered by a 350hp Teledyne Continental TSIOF-550J. Its empty weight is 1,000kg (2,200lb), with a maximum take-off weight of 1,620kg at capacity of 280 litres (74USgal) of fuel.

Source: FlightGlobal.com