EADS has delivered the wings for the Neuron unmanned combat air vehicle demonstrator from its Cassidian business in Spain to prime contractor Dassault for further assembly at Istres air base in southern France.

“The wings will be assembled with the fuselage in the coming days,” says Dassault, which also recently received the aircraft’s fuselage section from Saab Aerospace. Ground tests of the air vehicle will commence at Istres late this year, with the first flight expected during 2012.

Neuron wings - EADS 

The Neuron UCAV is a project between six European countries and their respective aerospace champions: France/Dassault; Greece/Hellenic Aerospace Industries; Italy/Alenia Aeronautica; Spain/EADS; Sweden/Saab; and Switzerland/Ruag.

Source: FlightGlobal.com