Alenia Aeronautica has demonstrated the ability of the Eurofighter Typhoon to refuel from an Italian air force Lockheed Martin C-130J tanker during a series of tests from Decimomannu air base in Sardinia.

The air-to-air refuelling trials used the Italian-built, two-seat Typhoon designated instrumented production aircraft 2 (IPA2) for a total of five flights, including three in one day. One flight used the Typhoon in a "clean" configuration, while for the remainder it was equipped with three supplementary tanks (one under each wing and one under the fuselage). One hook-up took place at night.

 ©Alenia Aeronautica
In all, eight "wet" contacts were made during which fuel was transferred from the C-130J to the Typhoon, says Alenia.

The Italian air force is configuring eight C-130Js for tanking duties.

Source: Flight International