Czech general aviation aircraft manufacturer Evektor flew its SportStar EPOS (Electric Powered Small Aircraft) prototype for the first time on 28 March.

The two-seat aircraft took off at 08:25 local time from the airframer's Kunovice base. The flight lasted around ten mintues and was followed by a second sortie spanning around 20 mins.

The flights were designed to test the SportStar EPOS's 50kW Rotex Electric RE X90-7 electric motor, along with its operational characteristics.

Evektor Sportstar EPOS


The SportStar EPOS is a derivative of the certificated SportStar RTC piston single and has been developed in collaboration with the Light Aircraft Association of the Czech Republic.

"The objective is to develop an aircraft which can be used both by private customers and aviation schools as a suitable aircraft for initial pilot training," says Evektor, although it says there are no plans to certificate the aircraft until its is "feasible" to do so.

The SportStar EPOS will make its debut at the Aero Friedrichshafen general aviation show in Germany from 24 to 27 April.

Source: Flight International