Manufacturer Messier-Dowty has delivered the first Airbus A350-900 main landing-gear to the undercarriage test facility at the airframer's UK site at Filton.

The delivery follows the Filton plant's receiving the A350's first nose-gear last month, built by Liebherr.

Both will be mounted in a rig for integration testing which will begin towards the end of 2011, says Airbus.

"These tests will be carried out to demonstrate reliability and maturity, and will also provide evidence for certification, especially regarding the extension-retraction, braking and steering systems," it adds.

 A350 main landing gear
 © Airbus

Each main landing-gear bogie for the -900 and -800 will comprise four wheels. The A350-1000's main gear will feature a six-wheel bogie, and will be manufactured by Goodrich.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news