Airbus is hoping to begin landing-gear testing of the A350 at the Filton facility in the UK, following initial installation of the first nose-gear in the test rig.

Manufacturer Liebherr Aerospace has provided the nose-gear assembly to the 'Landing Gear Zero' rig, and Messier-Dowty is to supply the main landing-gear in the next few weeks.

This will enable preliminary testing of all three A350 gear assemblies, while full integration testing will begin when the facility formally comes on-line at the end of this year.

"These tests are carried out to demonstrate reliability and maturity in addition to providing evidence for certification, especially with regards to the extension-retraction, braking and steering systems," says Airbus.

Airbus also has similar corresponding test-benches for the A350, known as 'Cabin Zero' and 'Aircraft Zero', for testing internal equipment and flight-control systems respectively.

 A350 nose gear
 © Airbus

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news