Malaysia Airports Holdings (MAHB) says it is investigating an AirAsia aircraft rollback incident, which occurred on 17 July at KLIA2.

This comes after AirAsia Group chief executive Tony Fernandes tweeted a picture of an Airbus A320 aircraft on the tarmac with a shifted landing gear.

Twitter pic A320 rollback

Source: Twitter

“[Eight] hour delay due to plane slipping [off] chocks. The [MAHB] board has to take responsibility,” adds Fernandes.

In a statement on Twitter, MAHB says the low-cost carrier reported the incident only on 23 July, six days after it happened.

“Based on the agreed procedure, the incident should have been reported immediately by AirAsia for the assessment to be performed by the airport. The bay is currently operational as normal,” says MAHB.

The airport operator adds that more than 30 AirAsia aircraft were parked at the same bay between 17 and 22 July “without any issue”.

AirAsia chief executive Aireen Omar has been quoted saying that the new passenger terminal is sinking with cracks appearing in the taxiway and and water pools forming. The defects could result in flight delays and pose safety risks, she adds.

The core airline at KLIA2, AirAsia has had disagreements with the airport operator prior to its move. In April 2014, the low-cost carrier voiced its preference to continue operations at the Low Cost Carrier Terminal, citing safety issues and concerns over KLIA2’s readiness.

AirAsia only agreed to move after the Malaysian government brought in ICAO technical advisors to help resolve the safety concerns.

Source: Cirium Dashboard