A new twist has emerged over the possible rebranding of merged Belgian carriers SN Brussels Airlines and Virgin Express, after parent company SN Airholding newly re-registered the name ‘Brussels Airlines’ along with an updated logo.

There has been speculation that the former Belgian flag-carrier’s name ‘Sabena’ might be resurrected for the combined operation – and this was tipped last week by a senior source close to the carriers.

Brussels Airlines logo W200But the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property has registered an entry from SN Airholding, dated 31 October, which casts doubt over the suggestion.

The entry comprises a logo with the identity ‘Brussels Airlines’ in blue lower-case lettering, alongside a stylised letter ‘b’ constructed from red circles (see left). It is listed as being associated with Brussels-based trademark and design consultant Cabinet Bede.

SN Brussels and Virgin Express have been intending to use a single brand name for their merged operations but have declined to disclose further details. The airlines are to hold a briefing in Brussels on 7 November to detail their future strategy

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Source: FlightGlobal.com