Cessna flew the first production-conforming version of its new Citation Sovereign for the first time late last month.

The 2.5h flight covered tests of the aircraft's Garmin G5000 avionics with auto throttles, along with the autopilot, engine system, aircraft systems and instrument approaches.

The midsize business jet is scheduled to enter service in the third quarter, featuring Pratt & Whitney Canada PW306D engines - giving a 150nm (280km) increase in range to more than 5,550km.

Cessna Citation Sovereign


The nine-seat aircraft, which was launched last October, will also have an integrated Cessna Clarity cabin management system, improved seats, enhanced short runway performance and integrated automatic throttles. Winglets have also been added to the $17.8 million aircraft, giving it a top speed of 458kt (848km/h). The first Sovereign entered service in 2004.

Source: Flight International