Scandinavian Airlines expects to complete a series of special inspections on its Bombardier Q400 fleet within four days following the main-gear collapse on one of the type during touchdown at Aalborg.

The carrier has been holding talks over the accident with Bombardier and says that the airframer has confirmed that the events at Aalborg had not previously occurred with any Q400.

“Although this must be regarded as an isolated incident, SAS has decided to implement a number of extraordinary checks of the landing-gear on the entire fleet of Q400 aircraft,” says the airline. “These checks are additional to official requirements.”

While the inspection work will take four days to complete, the airline says it is not expecting any disruption to its scheduled operations.

Scandinavian Airlines’ Danish division says it is too early to determine whether the Q400 involved in the 9 September incident will be repaired. A spokeswoman says that the damage is still being assessed.

sas damage detail

According to Danish news source DR, the SAS aircraft circled the airport for an hour prior to landing to spend fuel. This followed an indicator warning the flight crew that the starboard mainwheel was not locked.

Prior to landing rows 6, 7, and 8, those nearest the starboard propeller, were evacutated. However five passengers reportedly suffered light injuries when propeller parts entered the cabin.

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