Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) has rolled out an Airbus A319 in a retro colour scheme (pictured below).

The aircraft (currently registered as D-AVXK, set to be re-registered as OY-KBO) was painted and completed at Airbus's Finkenwerder facility in Hamburg this month and is scheduled for delivery soon.

There are no firm details of when the aircraft will be publicly revealed or whether SAS intends on repainting other aircraft in its fleet with historic colour schemes. would love to know further details if readers know of any plans. Email the web editor, Justin Wastnage, with your tips.

US Airways recently completed its fourth and final legacy livery celebrating its constituent carriers and Pakistan International Airways is midway through a plan to re-paint its fleet with liveries celebrating the country's four provinces.

SAS Retro A319 W445
© Rene Hesse

Source: Flight International