Oshkosh, Wisconsin-based Sonex Aircraft has unveiled an affordable entry-level kitplane for aerobatic competition. The aircraft will cost just $25,000 complete.

The Sport Acro, announced at the Sun ‘n Fun show in Lakeland, Florida, is a based on the two-seat, all-metal Sonex Sport Trainer, with enhanced aerobatic performance.  

The primary change is new increased-span ailerons, which are expected to increase the Sonex roll rate to a competition-worthy level, including G loads of +6 and -3.

sonex sport trainer

Otherwise, the Sport Acro is a standard Sonex with fixed taildragger gear, a single center stick and an AeroVee 2.0 80hp engine.

Seatbelts are configured to place the pilot on the centerline of the aircraft, directly on the roll axis. Bare-minimum instrumentation and upholstery keeps the aircraft light.

Source: FlightGlobal.com