A consortium of Hollywood movie stars has confirmed an order for a single Boeing 787 which it plans to use as a flying restaurant.

The aircraft, dubbed the “Dreamdiner”, will be based at Los Angeles International Airport and will make daily two-hour flights along the coast of California while VIP diners/passengers enjoy cordon bleu cuisine during the flight.

787 Dreamdiner
How the I.M.Stars 787 Dreamdiner will look in the Los Angeles skies. Copyright Flightglobal

The consortium of movie stars operates under the name In-flight Movie Stars (I.M.Stars) and includes well-known aviation enthusiasts Harrison Ford, John Travolta and Tom Cruise.

I.M.Stars is keen to emulate the success of other Hollywood-born franchises such as the Planet Hollywood and Hard Rock Café chains, as well as tapping into the super rich Hollywood community at whom the unique dining experience is aimed.

The aircraft will be configured to seat 50 diners in one sitting, all of which will enjoy the Michelin Star culinary offerings of French chef Monsieur Fou d’Avril.

787 Dreamdiner config

The VIP configuration of the aircraft is set to be the first of its kind and has presented Boeing with a number of unique challenges.

A Boeing spokesman said that stopping the candles from falling over when the aircraft banked was proving tricky, but that they had recommended a technical solution to reduce the risk of turbulence which involved removing Soup of the Day from the menu.

787 Dreamdiner lounge concept
Artist's impression of the Dreamdiner reception area. Copyright Flightglobal

An I.M.Stars spokeman said that, assuming the “Dreamdiner” proved a success, there were plans to expand the flying restaurant franchise into other major international cities including London, Paris and Dubai. However he was quick to quell rumours of an Airbus A380 configured for “Oktoberfest-style celebrations” based out of Munich.

Delivery of the Dreamdiner is scheduled for 1st April 2011.

Source: FlightGlobal.com