At least one person has died after a Boeing 737-700 operated by Colombian carrier Aires crashed on landing at the Caribbean island of San Andres after a flight from Bogota.

Colombian civil aviation authority Aerocivil confirms the accident, saying that the 737-700, registered HK-4682, with Aires flight number 8250 had departed from Bogota around midnight local time and crashed at its destination airport at 01:49.

It was transporting 121 passengers and six crew members. A local air force official says that there is one fatality and 34 people have been hospitalised while another 70 have received local treatment for lighter injuries.

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He also says that there was a thunderstorm close to the airport at the time of the accident. The aircraft has apparently broken up although no further details are currently available. The airport of San Andres is closed to commercial traffic as a result.

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