Bigelow Aerospace's inflatable habitable space complex technology demonstrator, Genesis I, orbits at 554km (341miles) altitude, 64° inclination. Launched by an International Space Company Kosmotras Dnepr rocket at 14:54GMT from Russia's Yasny base on 12 July, it uses NASA technology. Genesis I is the first of six to 10 demonstrators to be flown by 2010. By 2012 Bigelow Aerospace wants to fly its first full-scale habitable structure, called BA-330.

 Genesis spacecraft arm picture

 Above: Genesis I with the Earth in the background. The module's orbit is coming from the dark side of the Earth into daylight. The arm on the right is a side view of a forward solar array.


Bigelow Aerospace Genesis I spacecraft exterior

Above: The outer surface of the Genesis I's inflatable skin, including thermal insulation and debris protection.


Source: Flight International