Cirrus Design has launched its third generation of general aviation piston single - the SR22-G3 - and dropped more hints about the single-engined Cirrus jet at the Sun ‘n Fun Expo in Lakeland, Florida.

Four versions of the G3 are ready to take off, weighing 50lb less than the current SR22, with 11USgal more fuel capacity and a new wing design.

Cirrus SR22 G3 2

“There’s a lot about the new wing; it really does a lot for the aircraft,” says senior vice-president for engineering, Pat Waddick.

The lighter wing is centred around a new carbon fibre spar, allowing the extra fuel capacity along with a superior strength-to-weight ratio.

Cirrus SR22 G3 4

Cirrus SR22 G3 3

The G3 has a taller stance and greater ground clearance, along with improved handling, says Cirrus president and chief operating officer, David Coleal.

“It’s a wonderfully performing plane. It’s very refined. All the things we’ve learned over the last six, seven years are very evident in this product.”

The new model is already taking priority on Cirrus’s assembly line, he says.

“We’ve ramped down the G2 production and ramped up the G3 production, so it’s 16 a week, starting this week,” says Coleal.
An SR22-G3 will be on show at Aero 2007 in Friedrichshafen, Germany from 19 to 22 April.

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