US cargo carrier Kalitta Air appears to be the operator of a Boeing 747 freighter which crashed near the Colombian capital Bogota today, the second Kalitta 747 to have been written off in less than two months.

Television images from Colombia clearly show that the aircraft carrying the livery of Michigan-based Kalitta Air. The aircraft has been completely destroyed in the accident, which is said to have occurred after the jet departed Bogota for Miami.

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All eight occupants of the aircraft reportedly survived the crash but at least two people on the ground are said to have been killed after the 747 came down near the town of Mosquera, about 3nm west Bogota’s Eldorado International Airport.

The jet is thought to have been transporting a shipment of flowers to Miami on behalf of US freight carrier Centurion Air Cargo, although this has not been confirmed.

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Meteorological data shows that weather conditions were good at the time of the accident, around 03:55. At least one report from Colombia suggests that the aircraft was returning to Bogota after an engine problem.

Kalitta Air lost a 747-200F in Brussels on 25 May when the aircraft overran the runway during take-off and broke up. All those on board survived.

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