Czech Airlines (CSA) is to rebrand its livery to "eliminate the post-communist image" and "better complement the modern and dynamic character of the company".

The new livery will "boldy" show the name Czech Airlines as its main focus while the old livery featured the CSA initials. The new design, the company believes, will be easier for foreign customers to identify.

Petr Pištělák, the company's vice-president for marketing and product development, says that Czech customers will easily recognise the traditional CSA initials which have not been lost in the new logo.

 New livery: Boldly shows the name Czech Airlines,  as well as the "easily recogniseable" traditional CSA initials

He says: "The painting of the outside of our aircraft has to be redone on a regular basis – roughly every five years. The Czech Airlines aircraft will therefore not be redressed in the new colours until they undergo their regularly scheduled maintenance."


Old livery on an Airbus A321


Pištělák says: "Surveys, conducted both in the Czech Republic and in other countries, have shown that the existing logo was thought of as stern and uninteresting. It was associated with a lower standard of Eastern European services and it did not properly reflect what Czech Airlines actually offers.

"The series of changes that our company has undergone in recent years have transformed us into a modern and a strongly customer-oriented company. We therefore wanted to reflect these attributes in the visual presentation of our airline."

The new logo was designed by Michal Kotyza, a graphic designer and Czech Airlines' employee. His work on the new logo "should pay-off in terms of the elimination of the post-communist image", says Pištělák.