Airbus has completed structural assembly of the first Airbus A330-200 freighter in Toulouse ahead of its first flight in November.

Images released by Airbus of the first A330-200F on the move in Toulouse reveal the modification made to the landing gear and forward fuselage to address the nose-down pitch that is a characteristic of the A330/A340 and provide a level cabin floor during loading.

This has been achieved by lowering the nose-gear leg attachment points to raise the nose height, in turn requiring a larger gear bay that is faired by a blister on the underside of the nose.


 © Airbus

Any future passenger-to-freighter conversion programme for the A330 is likely to require a similar modification.

Airbus quotes a maximum payload of 69t for the A330-200F and a maximum range of 7,400km (4,000nm). Firm orders stand at 65 aircraft, with deliveries due to start in spring next year.

Source: Flight International