Aviation discussion forums have been talking over a series of photographs showing a fuel leak from the wing of a Nouvelair Airbus A320 on Saturday.

The aircraft (TS-INB) was taxiing to take off for a flight to Monastir at around 16:50 on Saturday when fuel was spotted coming out of the wing (see pictures below). The aircraft made an 180° turn onto the taxiway and the pilot shut down the engine.

It appears that the fuel is leaking is from the tank overflow National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA)-standard vent or from the frangible disc, which is designed to break under extreme tank pressure. Contributors to discussions boards are pointing towards a fuel transfer issue as the cause.

Flight would like to know more about the incident. Were you onboard? Were you at the airport? Do you know the damage (if any) to the engine caused by the foam? Email us with your thoughts.

Nouvelair A329 leak 01 
 Nouvelair leak firefighters
 Nouvelair leak 03

Alejandro Pérez

 Nouvelair leak 04

Source: FlightGlobal.com