Hawker Beechcraft has begun flight testing the Hawker 750, the latest version of the popular Hawker 800-series mid-size business jet.

The 23 August first flight from Wichita, Kansas came as Hawker Beechcraft certificated another new version of its best-selling aircraft, the longer-range Hawker 900XP.

Aimed at the light mid-size segement, the Hawker 750 lacks winglets and has a heated external baggage compartment in place of the ventral fuel tank, reducing range to 2,100nm (3,890km).

Hawker 750

Powered by new Honeywell TFE731-50R engines, the winglet-equipped 900XP offers lower fuel burn, longer range, better hot-and-high take-off performance and reduced operating cost, the company says.

The new TFE731-50R produces 3,970lb take-off thrust at 5,000ft and ISA +20°C, 4.5% more than the Hawker 750's TFE731-5BR engines, requiring less runway while providing more range. Long-range cruise increases to almost 2,800nm, providing coast-to-coast capability is almost all conditions, says Hawker Beechcraft.

Hawker 900XP

The 900XP's new engines provide 5% lower fuel consumption, while major periodic inspections increase to 3,000h and hot zone inspections to 6,000h, reducing maintenance costs. Hawker Beechcraft says direct operating costs are reduced 5% over the current Hawker 850XP, deliveries of which will end early next year.

Deliveries of the $14.3 million Hawker 900XP are to begin in September, with certification of the $11.9 million Hawker 750 expected by year-end, leading to deliveries in early 2008.

When the Hawker 750 is certificated it will be the first time the company has offered two versions of its mid-size jet simultaneously. Meanwhile, the company is expected finally to begin deliveries of the super mid-size Hawker 4000 in October after completion of post-certification modifications.

Source: Flight International