Eurofighter has released a series of photographs of the Typhoon fighter aircraft in its heaviest configuration to date as it continues its evolution into a multi-role strike aircraft

The test aircraft pictured below took off from EADS Military Air Systems’ Aerodrome at Manching, southern Germany earlier this week. It is one of several development and instrumented production aircraft (IPA) in Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK now supporting flight test activities.

Eurofighter Typhoon IPA3 01 W445

EADS’s IPA3 is pictured carrying four Raytheon Paveway II 450kg (1,000lb) laser-guided bombs, an air-to-air missile fit of four Raytheon AIM-120 AMRAAMs and two BGT IRIS-Ts and three external fuel tanks at a maximum take-off weight of almost 24t.

Eurofighter Typhoon IPA3 02 W445

Source: Flight International