Oman's first pair of Eurofighter Typhoons has arrived in the country, with the nation's air force staging a welcoming ceremony at its Adam air base on 21 June. The aircraft arrived following a ferry flight from BAE Systems' Warton final assembly site, having left the UK on 19 June.

Oman Typhoons - pay Peter Foster

Peter Foster

Carrying the service numbers 200 and 201, the two-seat Typhoons are from an eventual trio of examples that will support training for the Royal Air Force of Oman. The service's fleet will also comprise nine single-seat fighters, the first of which is expected to be delivered later this year.

Typhoon in Oman - BAE Systems

via BAE Systems

The delivery milestone makes Oman the seventh nation to introduce the Eurofighter, following European partner nations Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK and previous export buyers Austria and Saudi Arabia. The Typhoon is also on order for Kuwait, under a 28-unit deal.

In addition, Muscat will introduce BAE's Hawk 166 advanced jet trainer (below) under a government-to-government contract finalised with the UK in December 2012, with eight of the type on order. The UK company in mid-May rolled out its first examples of both types for the customer.

Oman Hawk 166 - BAE Systems

BAE Systems