Flightglobal.com has obtained some photographs of what is being described in military circles as a "Class A mishap" involving a US Coast Guard Lockheed Martin HC-130 Hercules.

The aircraft (registration 1710) has just touched down on Runway 36 Left at St. Paul Island, Alaska with a 19,000litre (5,000USGallon) fuel truck inside its cargo hold when, it went slid off the runway.

The aircraft then fish tailed twice and the right wing dipped and made contact with the ground. Doing so caused the No.4 propeller to hit the ground and spin off the aircraft. The aircraft came to a full stop 50m (165ft) and 90° left of runway 36L. All crew on board left the aircraft unharmed.

Saint Paul Island lies in the Pribilofs, a small island group in the Bering Sea.

However, Flight would love to know more about the incident. Were you the pilot? Did you witness the event? Please email your leads to Flight web editor Justin Wastnage.

St Paul 01 W445

 St Paul 03 W445
 St Paul 04 W445
 St Paul 05 W445
 St Paul 06 W445
 St Paul 09 W445
St Paul 08 W445
St Paul 02 W445
St Paul 10 W445
St Paul 11 W445
St Paul 12 W445
St Paul 13 W445



Source: Flight International