Swiss airframer Pilatus has unveiled a special mission variant of its PC-12 single-engined turboprop. The PC-12 Spectre has a retractable sensor platform and an operator station in the pressurised cabin. It also features multiple expansion slots providing space to add radios, recorders and displays to suit customer requirements.

"With the Spectre we're offering a fully certified, off-the-shelf, special missions version of the PC-12," says Pilatus vice-president of marketing Tom Aniello. Following first flight of the Spectre in early July, the aircraft is undergoing US Federal Aviation Administration certification testing. The first supplemental type certificate (STC) will be obtained for the FLIR Star Safire II electro-optical/infrared sensor, with additional STCs planned for the FLIR Star Safire III and Wescam MX-15 systems.

The Spectre was launched at the US Airborne Law Enforcement Association annual conference in Wichita, Kansas.

Source: Flight International