One of the pilots of the Bangkok Airways ATR 72-500 which slid off the runway at Koh Samui today was killed in the accident, but there are no other fatalities among the 68 passengers and three other crew members.

Four passengers were seriously injured in the accident, however, which occurred as flight PG266 from Krabi was landing at the Thai airport. Another two passengers received minor injuries.

Bangkok Airways president Puttipong Prasarttong-Osoth says the aircraft struck a "former control tower" after skidding off the runway.

Investigators have been despatched to the scene of the accident.

Bangkok Airways ATR crash

Images of the crash site indicate that the aircraft had been attempting to land on runway 35 but veered to the left of the runway before striking the tower. Its cockpit and forward fuselage have been substantially damaged.

Weather at the time of the accident, around 14:00, points to good visibility but the presence of towering cumulus clouds - an indicator of heavy rain in the vicinity - and a crosswind from the east at 15kt.

Bangkok Airways has confirmed the aircraft involved is MSN670, an eight-year old turboprop listed by Flight's ACAS database as being owned by the airline.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news