Sir - As the UK British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA) and the Independent Pilots Association (IPA) have received many recent enquiries, we are offering some cautionary advice to pilots seeking employment.

We are led to believe that pilots are being offered employment verbally, subject to their obtaining UK Civil Aviation Authority Airworthiness Requirement Board type qualifications. They are then being advised of ground-school courses offering tuition to prepare for the examinations.

Before committing themselves to a costly course (of no use if they cannot secure employment on the aircraft in question), pilots are advised to check out the bona fide nature of the jobs on offer.

Equally, if advised that an airline is likely to recruit and will consider candidates on the basis of acquiring such ratings, pilots should, again, verify such statements directly with that airline.

Advice is available from the IPA; tel: +44 (1444) 441149, or from Steven Hayes; at BALPA; tel: +44 (181) 476 4000.



Independent Pilots Association

Haywards Heath, West Sussex, UK


Source: Flight International