The answer to that age-old question of what happens when you flush the toilet on an aircraft can be found at the Evac stand in Hall 2/E25.

The company has brought its latest vacuum toilet to Le Bourget and visitors to the stand are invited to 'have a flush' to see just what goes on when the handle goes down.

Lifting the lid on the big secret is project engineer Jochen Potter, who says: "Evac pioneered the vacuum toilet, which is now widely used on aircraft, ships and trains.



"Evac has also supplied vacuum sewage systems to many types of buildings, including hotels, hospitals and prisons.

"Our engineering advancements set a new standard in vacuum toilet technology, giving improved performance, increased reliability and reduced costs for airline operators."

Evac's is the only toilet with the rinse ring located entirely outside the bowl.

This allows faster and easier cleaning, with no place for waste to collect and cause odours.

Source: Flight Daily News