BUYERS OFA new Piper aircraft are being guaranteed almost 100% of the original purchase price when they upgrade within 18 months to the next aircraft in the company's product line. New Piper Aircraft says that its Step-Up scheme offers a lower depreciation than would otherwise be experienced when trading in or selling a late-model aircraft.

The Vero Beach, Florida-based manufacturer says that the programme is designed to make it quicker and easier for buyers to trade up by eliminating the usual heavy depreciation on late-model trade-ins. Piper expects the scheme to appeal most to buyers of its Archer III, Saratoga IIHP, Seneca V and Malibu Mirage light aircraft.

The scheme offers buyers who trade in within 18 months 100% of the original purchase price, minus a "minimal" usage fee, towards the purchase of the next-in-line Piper, if the aircraft is undamaged and is properly maintained.

Source: Flight International