Honeywell has been selected to supply pneumatic products for the Engine Alliance GP7200 engines for the Airbus A380 and accessories and valves for the GE CF6-80C2 engines for the USAF's Lockheed Martin C-5 transport aircraft.

The two contracts are valued at $290 million over the life of the agreements.

The package for the A380 engines comprises an air turbine starter (ATS) and six pneumatic system valves, including an air turbine start valve; high and low pressure turbine clearance control valves; a start transient bleed valve; the core compartment cooling valve; and an anti-ice valve for the nacelle.

Deliveries of ATS production hardware are scheduled to begin in 2006.

The Honeywell ATS retrofit package for the CF6-80C2 engine includes an air turbine starter, air turbine start valve, core compartment cooling valve and an integrated drive generator valve. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in 2007.

Source: Flight Daily News