Poland has selected Rafael to supply its next-generation air-launched, anti-armour missile. The $250 million deal includes two types of Spike and infantry anti-tank munitions.

Polish army combat helicopters - Mil Mi-24s and Mi-2s and PZL-Swidnik W3Ws - will have the fibre-optic guided 7km (3.8nm)-range Spike LR and the 4km-range Spike ER (NT-D).The 2.5km-range Spike MR(Gil) will equip infantry units. The weapons were evaluated against the MBDA HOT and Milan.

Rafael has teamed with Skarzysko Kamienna-based ammunition and hardware maker Mesko and other local companies to build missile components. Rafael sources say a deal will be signed by year-end, with production starting next year.

Source: Flight International