Aeronautics Defense Systems expects to have an automatic take-off and landing capability operational for Poland's Aerostar unmanned air systems "within the next months", according to company president Avi Leumi.

The Polish army has acquired two Aerostar systems under a $35 million contract intended to support its units as part of the NATO International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan.

The Israeli company is making an accelerated effort to upgrade the software of the Aerostar's flight control system so that it can perform a final approach and landing safely in windy conditions and with ground effects in the operational area.

The Aerostar air vehicle is 4.5m (14.7ft) long, has a wingspan of 7.5m and a maximum take-off weight of 210kg (462lb). It has a 12h endurance and a loitering speed of 60kt (111km/h).

Source: Flight International