Portable in-flight entertainment (IFE) specialist digEcor is optimistic about its prospects for 2010 as airlines reengage in talks for handhelds.

"We are seeing some growth. We actually have fairly high expectations for 2010," says a digEcor spokesman. "We are seeing airlines rebuild their cash reserves."

IFE took a big hit with the global economic downturn, but digEcor "has seen the airlines turn around and reengage in negotiations and talks so 2010 should be a good year", he says.

DigEcor recently teamed with Chinese firm Lefeel Media Technology to develop next generation handhelds. The two firms are working jointly on development of two new players, the L7 and L10, featuring 7in and 10in capacitive touch screens, respectively.

The new L series players, as well as digEcor's current digEplayer XT devices, have credit card swipes build into the units.

"Those could be used for the player rental, in-flight shopping, in-flight gaming, as well as potentially transactions over the Internet. There is a world of possibilities," says the spokesman.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news