French engine developer Price Induction is seeking around €22 million ($29 million) over the next three years to fund development and manufacture of the first in its family of DGEN personal jet engines, starting with the 560lb-thrust (2.5kN) DGEN 380 turbofan, which began bench tests in late October.

Bernard Etcheparre, president of the Tarnos-based company, began working on the DGEN design a decade ago to exploit what he saw as a "market evolution" in light aviation. He says the DGEN 380 engine has been specifically designed for four- to five-seat twin-engine personal jets with a maximum weight of 1,750kg (3,850lb), a cruise speed of up to 250kt (460km/h), cruise altitude of up to 25,000ft (7,625m) and a range of up to 2,000km (1,080nm).

Etcheparre says: "The first testing phase covering adjustment, elementary performances and preliminary endurance testing will be completed in February. This will be followed by a more intense testing phase lasting around a year and using several engines."

Price Induction is also developing a higher thrust version called the DGEN-390. Both engines will be assembled in south-west France. The company has yet to secure a launch customer, but says: "Many aircraft manufacturers have shown an interest for our engines. Some have already worked on preliminary design projects."

Source: Flight International