Honeywell (E302) has announced two new applications for its Primus Epic Control Display System/Retrofit (CDS/R) cockpit update. CDS/R has been certificated for the Piaggio Avanti P180 twin pusher.
The company has also teamed with Germany’s RUAG Aerospace Services to equip six Bombardier Challenger 601-1As operated by the German defence ministry.
Canadian flight research organisation Marinvent Corporation is the first operator to fly with CDS/R in the Avanti. It also performed the flight testing for the Transport Canada supplemental type certificate (STC) granted late last month.
 Based on the Primus 1000/2000 and Primus Epic integrated avionics systems, the CDS/R controls and displays work with legacy analogue flight control systems via Honeywell's IC-1080 computer.
Displaying Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS), Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) and other data on 8 x 10in (200 x 250mm) active-matrix liquid-crystal monitors, CDS/R promotes improved situational awareness and strategic route planning and reduces crew workload.
 “Fitting CDS/R has increased the aircraft payload by around 500 lb (227kg),” comments Marinvent president John Maris.  “It also offers significantly increased functionality, including full FMS navigation and control of the autopilot by the co-pilot, neither of which was available in the original aircraft.”
 RUAG Aerospace will take the lead in the design and certification of CDS/R for the six Challengers and will carry out the installation at its RUAG Aerospace Services subsidiary in Wessling, near Oberpfaffenhofen in southern Germany.
Following certification the modification will be made available to other CL601-1A operators and to modification centres.
 RUAG Aerospace will also fit the aircraft with Honeywell Primus 880 weather radars and Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System with Runway Awareness and Alerting System (RAAS). The existing Honeywell autopilot, along with non-Honeywell radios and flight management system, will be retained.

Source: Flight Daily News