UK executive jet operator Club328 has signed a deal with European security provider Veritas International Consultants to provide onboard chaperones for some of its high profile customers.

The deal, through which any person chartering a business jet through the Southampton, UK-based company can request a security detail to travel alongside them, marks the first private air marshal service in Europe.

Currently, celebrities and other high net worth individuals travel with their personal bodyguards, few of whom are trained in aviation security concerns. The deal with Club328 sees Veritas agents as escorts in the air and on the ground for businessmen travelling to ares of the world perceived as riskier.

The demand came from businessmen reluctant to use private jets to fly to certain parts of less-developed Europe for fear of mugging, robbery and even aircraft hijacking. Veritas security staff, known euphemistically as 'consultants' are almost entirely recruited from former serving members of the British special forces.

“In recent years there has been a marked increase in the number of passengers choosing to take advantage of the flexibility offered by private jet travel,” says Club328 operations director Brian Gell.

“In this world of ever-increasing risk, we are able to provide dedicated security and support to both corporate and individual clients,” says Simon Rowland, director of Veritas.  “It is not just VIPs and celebrities who require chaperones, it’s sometimes necessary to provide discrete security escorts at all levels - from company chairmen to receptionists.  It makes perfect sense for us to partner Club328 in offering its clients the option of non-invasive security.”