Yakovlev has targeted November for the maiden flight of the production-standard Yakovlev Yak-130 advanced trainer.

The production Yak-130 has a narrower fuselage, reduced wing areaand empty weight, a weapons system compatible with precision munitions and a new glass cockpit based around three 150 x 200mm (6 x 8in) colour liquid crystal displays from the Yak-130D prototype.

Yakovlev president Oleg Demchenko says it aims to complete trials next year, with service entry planned for 2005.

The Russian air force has ordered four aircraft to be manufactured this year. Three will each be powered by two ZMKB 5,500lb-thrust (25kN) Progress AI-222s, the first of which was benchtested last December.

The engine is being developed by Ukraine's Progressand Motor-Sich and Russia's MMPP Salyut.

Salyut will be responsible for final assembly, sales and maintenance of the engines powering Russian air force aircraft.

Overseas customers will be offered either the AI-222 or the Slovakian Povazske Strojarne DV-2, which powered the prototype. The aircraft has been offered to Algeria and India as part of an integrated training package for Sukhoi fighters.

Source: Flight International