Sir - Could an advanced trainer programme such as DASA's AT2000 proposal (Flight International, 25 September -1 October, P6) provide a short take-off (STOVL)/vertical-landing light fighter variant?

Such a programme could be very similar to that of the Euro-fighter, providing replacements for British Aerospace Harriers in Italian, Spanish and UK service.

A single production line along the lines of the US Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) would produce advanced trainer and conventional/STOVL fighter/attack variants with various structural and equipment differences.

The UK's work-share would be bigger than for the JSF, as it would replace British Aerospace Hawks and Harriers in Royal Air Force and Royal Navy Service.

Reduced operating costs, resulting from Euro--fighter commonality would make both programmes attractive to potential operators which wish to expand naval-aviation capabilities alongside new trainer and frontline fighter procurement.


Oxford, UK

Source: Flight International