Airbus has increased the maximum take-off weight of the A220 by 2.2t.

The airframer disclosed the hike during its Innovation Days event in Toulouse on 21 May, but has yet to confirm the new MTOW for each variant.

Airbus’s latest technical documentation for the aircraft, dated October 2018, lists the A220-100 as having a MTOW of 60.78t and a maximum landing weight of 52.39t.

Its larger version, the A220-300, is similarly listed as having a 67.58t MTOW.

Payload-range charts give typical ranges of 3,100nm with 140 passengers for the -300, and 2,760nm with 120 passengers for the -100.

Airbus took over the A220 programme, formerly the Bombardier CSeries, in July last year.

Source: Cirium Dashboard