Analysts are conducting acoustic and vibration tests of panels as part of the initial development effort for the shrunk version of the Sukhoi Superjet 100.

Sukhoi disclosed earlier this year that it was working to create a shorter variant of the Superjet, with just 75 seats.

The Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute states that it is performing assessment of ceiling and side panels of the larger Superjet in order to develop improved versions for the fuselage of the shorter aircraft.

It says that the analysis and testing, being conducted on behalf of Sukhoi Civil Aircraft, is intended to provide “increased acoustic comfort” within the passenger cabin.

Various insulation materials and coatings to absorb and dampen vibrations will be examined, as well as the properties of soundproof cladding used in both domestic- and foreign-built aircraft.

Project chief Alexander Zverev says that, since the original Superjet was designed, new materials have emerged.

“To assess their effectiveness, new measurements are required,” he adds. The institute will put forward recommendations as part of the technical documentation being drawn up for the Superjet 75.

Russian carrier S7 Airlines has been a strong backer of the new aircraft programme, with a tentative agreement to take 50 of the variant with options on 25 more.

Source: Cirium Dashboard