European Aviation Safety Agency test pilots have conducted preliminary examination flights of the Irkut MC-21-300.

Two test pilots and a test engineer have been trained to operate the twinjet type, as the airframer pursues EASA certification.

Irkut says the European specialists were given initial flight operations guidance on the Pratt & Whitney PW1400G-powered aircraft before moving on to simulation training.

The training covered take-off, approach and landing with both visual and precision-guidance procedures, as well as flight control through a range of configurations, altitudes and speeds.

MC-21 300

United Aircraft Corp

Irkut adds that the EASA crew was also provided with training for approach-to-stall at high angles of attack.

“After completion of the theoretical training, [the crew] carried out a series of flights on the MC-21-300,” it states.

“The test team became acquainted with the characteristics of stability and controllability of the aircraft.”

Exercises performed included missed approach and simulated engine failure. Test pilot Oleg Kononenko, of the Irkut MC-21 test-flight team, said that the EASA crew “successfully mastered” flying the new aircraft in a “short time”.

Irkut has been conducting flight tests with two MC-21s in Moscow and the airframer is working with EASA to obtain European certification for the aircraft type.

Source: Cirium Dashboard