Permanent representatives to the Council of the European Union have approved an agreement with the European Parliament on a draft resolution intended to ensure continued validity of aviation safety certificates.

The agreement – which will take effect if the UK leaves the EU without a post-withdrawal deal – extends the validity of such certificates for nine months, and potentially further if necessary.

It will provide a time window for the European Aviation Safety Agency to continue issuing required certificates for certain aeronautical parts and products – as well as training certificates – taking into account the UK’s status as a third country.

“The impact of [Brexit] on certificates and approvals can be remedied by many stakeholders through various measures,” says the draft resolution.

But it states that, in some specific instances, such measures would not be possible. This is because the UK’s exit from the EU means it will resume its status as ‘state of design’ and will have to assume responsibility for tasks including issuing type certificates and other approvals.

This makes a “temporary mechanism” to extend the validity of certain safety certificates “necessary”, the resolution adds. The text is set to be approved formally by the Council and the European Parliament.

Source: Cirium Dashboard